News 2008

January 2008
At the beginning of 2008, I present all visitors of my website a year of peace, joy and success. Since my last News (August 2007) I have given a few more concerts, all well received by the audience - which filled my heart with immense joy and satisfaction.

Four recitals in Japan, October 2007
Thanks to the encouragement and support from Dr Mineo Morimoto, President  of the SEC Engineering Group in Tokyo, and much appreciated help from Reverend Noboru Ishii, it was possible to organize two recitals in Tokyo and Fukuoka as well as two charity concerts in Chiba and Kumamoto. Marlies Nussbaum, Pianist from Zurich, accompanied me on all four concerts. The live recording of the recital of October 24 in Tokyo was later compiled into a CD “A bouquet of songs”, which is a collection of classical pieces of music from Europe and Japan (contents/order). The concert of October 29 in Kumamoto was a unique experience for the artists: performing for 1400 students quietly sitting on the floor of the college gymnasium, surrounded by very good acoustics and listening attentively. The warm welcome from all four audiences and the enthusiastic support I received from the local organizers will remain a bright and everlasting memory, even if it was a short comeback to my homeland, Japan.

Advent Concerts in Switzerland, December 2007
The Advent Concert was held for the ninth time at the Saint Augustine Church in Zurich. The music programme was prepared by Giuliana Stehli-Altwegg and was performed by Yumi Golay, Soprano; Kurt Tobler, Flute; Alfred Felder, Violoncello; Giuliana Stehli-Altwegg, Cembalo. The programme was very well received by the audience of Zurich; with many who have attended this concert faithfully year after year. For the first time, the Advent Concert was presented in other Swiss cities: in Fribourg and in Pully/Lausanne. There too, the audience enjoyed the programme and the interpretation of the music pieces.

My last musical performance of 2007 was at the Christmas Church Service, Anglican Protestant Church of St. Moritz together with Hansjörg Stalder, Organist. I then spent the New Year’s Eve in a charming village in the Swiss Alps, together with my husband and friends.

Among my projects for 2008, not all are yet finalized. I am now preparing for a voice-piano recital of Japanese compositions of the 19th and 20th century, a voice-harp concert and maybe some recitals overseas. I shall keep you informed.

With many good wishes to you                                                Yumi Golay